Empowering bright minds to take climate action.

We founded Circular Horizon as a group of ambitious students to take climate action and create a better future. Our determined team comprises more than 40 members from all over Switzerland, bringing together the knowledge of more than 13 fields of study.

Develop a scalable carbon removal technology.

Plants have been capturing CO2 for millions of years. In nature, this CO2 gets re-released during the biological decay of the plant. We can extend this cycle by processing biowaste through pyrolysis, which allows us to store carbon as biochar. Biochar has different applications, including using it as a soil additive to increase soil quality in agriculture.
As part of our mission, we are competing in the XPRIZE Carbon Removal to prove the scalability of our technology. Our goal is to remove 1000 tons of CO2 annually by 2024.

Boost education and research.

We at Circular Horizon aim to develop a research hub for climate change-related topics. By providing a platform, we connect bright minds, enable them to improve their practical skills and knowledge, and foster co-working between different research disciplines. Together, we are not only researching, discussing, and implementing carbon removal solutions but also educating the public through our social media accounts, podcasts, and events.

Invest in community building.

We want to build and foster Switzerland's carbon removal community and ecosystem by creating different platforms for exchange. With a focus on raising awareness, we lead a critical discussion on the role of carbon removal technologies in limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Therefore, we are planning the first Swiss Climate Conference to bring together academia, the private sector, and civil society.